Navigating our Updated Website

Have you noticed a few changes around here? It’s very exciting! The national Wild Ones organization has been working behind the scenes to develop updates to our branding and websites. Our chapter has also been working on adding more information to our website! Our web menu now has more options, including a Volunteer page which […] Continue reading "Navigating our Updated Website"

Take a Look: Project Wingspan

The Home Grown Native Plants workshop series is presented by Eleanor Schumacher, Illinois Project Wingspan State Coordinator. Project Wingspan is a volunteer-based native wildflower seed collection and redistribution initiative overseen by Pollinator Partnership. This webinar series consists of eight workshops taking place between January and September. Each is a casual, friendly, hour-long Zoom talk broadcasting […] Continue reading "Take a Look: Project Wingspan"

Winter in the Native Garden

written by Emma Harmon One of the biggest surprises I experienced when I began gardening was how much I enjoy the garden in every season. Each change in weather brings a new way to view my plants: seeing the vibrant colors after a fresh spring rain, the grasses swaying on a breezy summer evening, the […] Continue reading "Winter in the Native Garden"

Cultivars:  What to Do While Research Continues

written by Paul Crosser The current discussions regarding cultivars are interesting and those wishing to do the right thing can easily be distracted waiting for an outcome. Thankfully, doing the right thing remains a simple task. Let’s see… did our current pollinators get here? They used native plants for nectar, pollen, host plants and homes. […] Continue reading "Cultivars:  What to Do While Research Continues"

Summer Storms and Silphium at Sunset

written by Grant Fessler, originally posted on his website, Perhaps nothing embodies Midwestern summer better than a July thunderstorm. There is something magical and humbling about watching enormous, rain-heavy clouds unleash their tumult and violence over the low, rolling hills and river valleys. To hear the distant booms and crashes of thunder gradually approach […] Continue reading "Summer Storms and Silphium at Sunset"

Hunting Down the Prairie Trout Lily

written by Grant Fessler, originally published on his website, With a sudden burst of unseasonably warm weather this past week, the spring ephemerals have leapt into blooming here in the Quad Cities region. Our remnant woodlands are now teaming with whites, purples, blues, and yellows, and the early spring pollinators are hard at work. […] Continue reading "Hunting Down the Prairie Trout Lily"